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Vastu for Locker Room

Vastu for Locker Room

Cash and valuables need to be keep at safe place and according to Vastu South-west portion is ideal to incorporate a locker for prized valuables and treasures. Although North is said to be governed by Lord of wealth- Kuber, still South-west is recommended for keeping cash and other treasures safely. The reason behind is determined as North is a place for stability but doesn’t certainly assures with safety of valuables if we keep it here.

  • The positioning of locker or safe for valuables should always be in South-west but facing North in other words the locker or safe should open towards the North for better security and safety.
  • The locker should not be visible to people coming in the house and ensure that it must have some concrete or solid foundation.
  • Treasure safe should be of four legs and strong for better safety.
  • It should be placed in the farthest corner of South-west so that it can’t be visible to any person.
  • The room used for treasure or safe should not be used for storage purpose.
  • Keep the locker room tidy and clutter free to invite more wealth.
  • Avoid placing any deity or idol in the valuable room or you can just put a small mirror in the valuable/cash box to reflect the money.
  • Height of this room should be equal to other rooms and shape should be regular either square or rectangle.

We have to take care of the following points while studying about the vastu of the locker room. Vastu consultation of locker room involves thorough analysis.

  • Proper location of the locker room in the house
  • The direction of the Entrance
  • The direction & placement of the windows
  • The direction & placement of the almirah
  • The direction & placement of the safe in the almirah
  • The direction in the almirah should face

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