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Vastu for Septic Tank

Vastu for Septic Tank

Septic tanks are often made randomly with no consideration which however causes various problems to occupants. The concept of septic individual tank in house was invented few decades ago and now it is a necessity. The pit for septic is usually dug in the ground which according to Vastu should be done with caution as any discrepancy could lead to negativity thus making the environment polluted.

Septic tanks should be made with utmost care as Vastu tells some basic rules regarding construction and proper direction of septic tank in house:

  • Septic tank should be placed in such a way that it doesn’t face the directions like South-east, South-west and North-east.
  • Vastu for Septic TankThe ideal location for septic tank is North-west.
  • The segregation of septic tank should be in a way that the water goes in eastern side while excretion waste goes in western side.
  • Vastu tells to make length of septic tank in East-West side while breadth in South-North.
  • It should always be constructed to the ground level and must not touch the main wall of house i.e. compound wall.
  • Make sure the drainage pipes in toilet and bathroom have their passage in the West or North-west. While to the contrary kitchen pipes should have their passage in the East or North.
  • Avoid drainage pipes in Southern portion of house and if it has been made then ensure that their passage should be made in East or North.
  • The main sewage can be located in North, East or West but avoid in South direction.

Finance is the corner for South-west, so keep all your valuables and cash in this place but make sure the closet opens towards North.

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