These are just a few of the most commonly asked questions about Gharplanner.com. If you have any other questions, simply click here to go to the Contact Us page.

Q. How do I hire Architecture Services from Gharplanner.com?
A. Simply you can place a query for required consultancy or reach us at given contact details. Then we will start the discussion and share the quote for architecture services.

Q. How do I know my order has been successfully received and processed by Gharplanner.com?
A. After placing your order, Gharplanner.com will send you a confirmation e-mail of Payments and schedule your can call with one of our engineer to discuss the details requirement.

Q. When ordering house plans, how many plan sets do I need?
A. In addition to a set for yourself, you will probably need to order a set for your builder, mortgage lender, local building department and any subcontractors who need one. Else you can reach us for more detail.

Q. Can I purchase one set of plans and have them copied?
A. All of our blueprints are protected under the copyright law and cannot be copied. It is more cost effective to order multiple sets at the time of your original order. If you need additional sets, they can be purchased at a special price within sixty days of your original order.

Q. Do you offer preview plans?
A. Study plans and materials lists are available for many plans and, if available, listed under “House Plan” section.

Q. How often do you release new plans?
A. We are constantly developing and releasing new plans which can be viewed by going to New Plans.

Q. Do you have Exclusive Plans on your website?
A. Gharplanner is the only website where you will find plans exclusive to our site. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind collection here.

Q. How soon will I receive my ordered plans?
A. Depending the requirement and deliverables we will inform you the schedule. In slandered conditions we can deliver the complete set of plans within 45 working days

Q. How do you handle international orders?
A. For international orders, simply select the 'Overseas' shipping option during check-out or call us at (866) 214-2242 and we'd be happy to assist you