Know Cost of Construction

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Construction Estimate

Construction estimate for any building is directly proportional to the design, material specification and logistics movement (plot location).where ever if we check minutely then there are many factors which involve for your building estimate i.e Design given by consultant, Material Specification, Plot location etc.
Any type of design that going to be executed on the site shall always need to have the material specification and its quantity, more over the execution is also most important factor, that the contractor hired for construction they have well equipped machinery and qualified man power because the wastage% should not increase this is the most important aspect which can be controlled by us and contractor due to which we can control the construction budget as per the given budget by engineer or consultant .
At the time of construction it always get dispute between the owner and contractor due the increased cost which always due to the material wastage. This part always ignored by the owner .

Note:- This graph is based on approximate value it may differ as per specification given by consultants

Don't compromise on the cost while finalizing the contractor always select the experienced and well qualified contractor that building get constructed as per the design specification and budget given by the consultant.
If you are constructing your house then two things we should always keep in mind that hire the experienced and qualified contractor (having well equipped modern construction machinery and technically sound man power) and secondly how to reduce the wastage of material without compromising on the construction quality.
So, building construction should be simplified and easy for us if we take precaution at the planning stage only like Hiring Architect or Consultant then the contractor .
Save your time save your money adopting the proper way for constructing your dream home or any type of building , where Ghar Planner provides all type of consultancy at cost effective with bet suited design with the help of our empanelled technical persons.